So You Want To Earn Some Cash?
How about cash that keeps coming?

Our referral programme (or to give it its' correct name affiliate programme) is different from the programmes many websites offer it KEEPS paying you.

We pay RESIDUAL commissions.

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So What Do We Do?

We build and host websites and everyone who has a club or business needs one of those right?

How Does This Help You?

Well rather than paying money to fat cat advertising companies to help us find customers, we prefer to pay it to people just like YOU who have a little get up and go and are prepared to recommend our service.

So What EXACTLY Is Our Service?

As we just said we design and host websites. The designing part speaks for itself and we charge a one-off fee for that. Web Hosting is the renting of some space on a large server (computer) that is online 24 hours a day to show these websites to the world. ALL websites have to pay for web hosting every month.

So How Do YOU Earn Money?

This is quite simple. You sign up free as one of our affiliates and we will give you your very own special link that points to our site. You give that link to clubs you are a member of, friends that have their own businesses, friends who have always wanted an online business or anyone you happen to meet that is talking about getting a website.

If they buy a website from us you would get 10% of that so between £30 and £75 per site.

Then, if they bought one of our managed hosting packages that's £15.99 a month so you get £1.59 for that too. £1.59 may not sound like much but that keeps coming EVERY month for as long as the website is hosted with us. You do NOTHING for it. This is called residual income or as we prefer to say working smart not hard.

Imagine over time you send us 20 new customers that ordered a website, that would be £600 to £1000 in site building commission and £30 coming to you EVERY month from the hosting.

It Doesn't Stop There

Unlike other web design and hosting companies, we like to make owning a website really easy so we do ALL SORTS of work for our clients.  Sometimes we edit their sites for them, we might make them graphics, banners or videos, we might help them install a new feature to their site.  We have a big list of services we would be paid 10% commission on ALL These things too.

Once a new customer has signed up via your link you earn commission on everything they spend with us for the life of their account.

How Do You Use Your Link?

If you know friends who have businesses just pop them an email or a Facebook or Twitter message telling them you found our service and thought of them. Do a few posts on Facebook about us. Whichever way you choose just include your special link.

You can promote us any way you like as long as you do not spam anyone.

But Most Of My Business Friends Have A Website Already.

Tell them about us anyway. Perhaps their site could do with updating, perhaps it is slow and we could make it faster, perhaps it does not work well on mobile devices we can fix that.

What Are Our Selling Points?

We build professional websites at affordable prices.
They load like lightning.
We Provide outstanding support
Our Web hosting is some of the fastest in the UK
We can help seasoned web users and beginners alike.

How Do I Get Paid?

Once your balance is at least £10 you put in a withdrawal request from the affiliate area and we will pay you either by Paypal or by Bacs (UK Bank account required for Bacs)

GREAT! Where Do I Sign Up?

1. Click the button below to register free.
2. Once you have registered you will be automatically logged in to our client area, click the little "Affiliates" link in the top menu of the client area.
3. On The Next Screen click the "Activate Affiliate Account" button.

That's It!

You will then be shown your unique link. You can also login at any time to see how many people have clicked your link, how many have signed up and if any of them bought a service. Of course, you will also see your current earnings.

Good luck! We look forward to sending you your first affiliate commission payment.

We Care About Your Data

Privacy, DPA And GDPR

To contact our Data Protection Officer please put in a support ticket here. Be sure to select the data protection department on the form on the next page.

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