Real Time Cloud Backup
Keep ALL your data on your computer safe real-time.

It has to be most peoples worst nightmare that their computer should fail and all their valuable data be lost.

This is not always work related data, what about those family photos, those saved bank statements?

Luckily there is an excellent and affordable solution to this problem.

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One thing we recommend to all our clients is to take regular backups of their site databases and files.

At 3001 web we do keep hourly or daily backups for all our hosting clients sites (depending on hosting package). This will of course include backups of your site, emails and databases.

However having a full copy of all your sites files and folders is also a must. Yes you can keep a copy on your PC but what if it ever crashes or your hard drive fails??

What about the other files on your PC? Your photos, music, letters and all the other data.

How Things Are Usually Done

Usually you will store all your files on your computer on the C Drive great as long as your computer is working. Perhaps you have an external hard drive that you keep a backup of all your files on, but of course that relies on you remembering to do the backup regularly and your backup drive working perfectly and it can also take up valuable time.

Amazing Solution For All Your Backups

We recommend to all our clients they invest in some cloud storage space online. The service we recommend for this is Sync

What is it?

Basically it is is a hard drive on the web where you will have a permanent copy of all files on your computer. But it is so much more than that.

How It Works With SYNC

When you install their free software it will crate a new folder on your computer. So all you need to do is copy all your data files (pics, documents etc) to your new sync drive on your PC.

Sync will then in the background start creating a full copy of those files to your online storage account including the file and folder structure so all your data will be laid out exactly as it is on your PC.

Then in future simply work from and store new files inside your Sync folder. You can still create folders and sub folders within the sync folder itself, so you can pretty much lay out your computer just how it was before, the only difference being you open a single folder and begin navigating instead of doing it direct from your desktop.

When you work on any file a letter, a photo, a website any sort of editing, guess what? Sync automatically updates the file on the web in your secure online account too. You change any file on your pc that file is also edited in your online Sync account automatically (no need to remember to back up any more)

True Mobility

Do you work away from home and take a laptop with you? How many times have you been away and wanted a file that is on your pc at home? Sure there are remote pc access programs but for that to work you would have to leave your home pc on 24/7

Problem Solved!

Install the sync software on your laptop, log into your sync account within the setup and sync will download your sync folder to your laptop. Can you see the power in this? You now have EXACTLY the same files on your laptop as on your PC. If you edit a file while using your laptop next time you fire up your pc the new version will be on that too.

Access to your files from any PC

What if you are away and don’t have a laptop with you, you want to show someone a file, or a document or a photo. No problem, you just find a computer that is connected to the internet,visit and log into your account you can show your friend or workmate any file you like.

File Sharing

You can even share files with friends or the public. From your pc or your SYNC web account just right click and select share, you can then share any file or folder with the public, or specific people. Want to share a file with just one person? Enter their name and email address Sync will email them telling them how to access the file.

Should Disaster Strike

Should a PC or laptop ever crash on you or perhaps you just bought a new one? All you will need to do is re-install the programs you use. Once that’s done you re-install SYNC and it will recover all your data from the web to your new machine. SIMPLE!

Sync really is peace of mind for anyone who works on their computer or stores lots of data they don’t want to lose.

How many computers can I Sync?

As many as you want it is merely a connection to your online sync folder on all the computers you own.

What if I am not connected to the internet can I get my files?

Of course you can, remember SYNC is backing up a file on your machine that file is available even when you are offline. If you have no internet connection and work on files in your SYNC folder it will simply update the online version next time you connect to the internet.

Does it work on pads and mobiles?

Absolutely there are android and iphone aps available

Is It Expensive?

Hell no! Just imagine losing all your data on your pc, imagine working on something for days forgetting to back up and your computer crashing. What would that cost you in time to fix?

The great news is SYNC will give you up to 5GB completely FREE. Not as a trial FREE FOR EVER.

If you need more than 5GB you can upgrade very reasonably. You can get a massive 500GB for $49 a year that’s about £32 a year its a no brainer.

Want to get your free 5GB account?

Again this is not a trial! You get 5GB completely free. Get SYNC now.


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