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Speeding Up Your WordPress Admin Area

As you all know 3001Web offers some of the fastest WordPress hosting available in the UK and the US. We are also more than adept at speeding up WordPress websites for your visitors. But what about your WordPress admin area? Typically once logged into your admin area for your site things can slow down and…

Google Update Coming That REALLY matters

Hi Everyone, We just wanted to bring something important to your attention regarding the speed and design of all your websites. OCD? We know some of you have wondered why we seem to be constantly upgrading our service and occasionally moving to new servers. We are sure a few of you think we have some…

Why you should not be hosting your email with your website.

Are we saying we can not be trusted or that we are no good at email? Not at all but there are a couple of much better options for your business and we want to help you make sure as much of your business email as possible gets sent and received without issues. For a…

Is Wix Really Free?

is wix really free

Now just before I start, this article may sound a little like I am just bashing one of my competitors but nothing could be further from the truth. I LOVE WIX! Why?Because they regularly send me new clients who have fallen for their less than honest advertising. Ok so back to the question at hand…

What Is Managed WordPress Hosting And Do You Need It?

managed wordpress hosting

The term “Managed WordPress Hosting” has become a little bit of a buzz word recently and used by many web hosts to advertise their services. It seems however that the definition of “Managed WordPress Hosting” varies MASSIVELY depending on the company trying to sell it. A quick inspection of one of the webs biggest budget hosting…

Does My Site Need An SSL Certificate?

ssl security bot

This is a question we have been asked on an increasing basis recently. First of all, let’s cover what SSL is. What Is SSL?SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. In plain English it encrypts ALL communication between your site and your visitors’ computer, it also encrypts data sent between third party payment processors like Paypal…

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