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Is Wix Really Free?

is wix really free

Now just before I start, this article may sound a little like I am just bashing one of my competitors but nothing could be further from the truth. I LOVE WIX! Why?Because they regularly send me new clients who have fallen for their less than honest advertising. Ok so back to the question at hand…

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Does My Site Need An SSL Certificate?

ssl security bot

This is a question we have been asked on an increasing basis recently. First of all let’s cover what SSL is. What Is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Socket Layer. In plain English it encrypts ALL communication between your site and your visitors computer, it also encrypts data sent between third party payment processors like…

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Why You Should Avoid Free Or Cheap Websites For Your Business

avoid free or cheap websites

As new clients have approached us recently we have noticed a large percentage of them are wanting to migrate from a “Free” or “Cheap” service that advertises “Build your own website it is easy” Why is that? Surely if it is free AND easy it’s great, right? What Do These Sites Offer? They usually offer an “easy…

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Design Mistakes that will cost you sales.


I have posted this article after recently taking a look at a few of our clients’ websites, some of them designed by us some of them not. When 3001 web designs a website we give it a nice clean professional look and feel and of course take care of the coding to make sure it…

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Deadly Webmaster Disease – SiteRightItis

deadly webmaster disease

Interesting title and maybe it made you smile, however for some website owners this is a very real condition. Do you have it? I hope not, but you can find out by reading on. Hopefully if you are infected with this disease then this article should immunize you and ensure you a long and healthy…

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