Discounted Short Pixel Credits

Don't let uncompressed images slow down your site or use up your valuable web space.

Shortpixel is without a doubt one of the best image compression plugins out there for WordPress we use it on all websites we build for our clients.

Shortpixel will automatically losslessly compress all your images reducing their file size without reducing the quality of the image.

We have a special deal on one-time, non-expiring image compression credits to save you a few pounds.

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Save ££££'s compared to buying direct

Because we use Shortpixel extensively on all our client sites we buy image compression credits in bulk and can pass on some of those savings to you.

With our pricing, you will pay just £6.99 for 10,000 one-time image compression credits that will not expire until you use them all. That is an insane 0.0007p per image. This really is a no-brainer for the health and speed of your website.

Buy them directly from Shortpixel and you would pay $9.99

You will need to install the free short pixel plugin which you can get here

After your purchase, we will send you an API key to enter into the plugin to access your credits. If you host your site with 3001Web we will install this for you just pop in a support ticket after you purchase your credits.