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Here's What You Should Know

Fact One
Your site NEEDS to be FAST. It ideally needs to load in under 2 seconds, if it takes much more than that you will lose 40% of your visitors before they even see your website. This can literally cost you THOUSANDS in lost sales or sign ups.

Fact Two
Google now take page speed into consideration when ordering their results. Faster sites WILL appear above slower sites in search results. Again if your site is not fast enough you are losing valuable clients and money.


Here's The Offer

Part One
We will take a temporary copy of your website and install it on one of our development accounts on our UK or US servers which ever is nearer to you. We will then optimise it to demonstrate to you just how fast your site could be when you have truly professional hosting run by people who know what they are doing. We will then show it to you so that you can see the results for yourself. This will cost you nothing.

Part Two
If you are really happy with your now zippy site (and we know you will be) we will offer to move your site to our lightning fast servers on one of our superior professional hosting accounts. If you are not interested then we will simply delete the copy of your site and you have lost nothing!

If your site is powered by WordPress then all we will need is a temporary admin login to your site to take a backup to copy to our servers. Don't worry we will not allow Google to crawl the copy so that you do not get dinged for duplicate content.

If your site is not WordPress we will need temporary access to your hosting control panel to grab a copy of your site.

limites time offer

Can You Trust Us?

We are a professional web design and hosting company that have been around since 2004. We are creators not destroyers. We love websites and we are fanatical about providing the very best service we can for our clients. See what some of them say about us on Trustpilot (Link opens in a new tab)

Notice how fast our site is? Your site could be just as fast!

Check out the blazing fast website speeds we get for our existing clients (opens in new tab)

Seriously what do you have to lose? We are offering to prove what we can do for you before you buy.

Put us to the test just fill out the form at the bottom of this page.


Still Not Sure? Want More Info?

If you are still not sure have a quick read of this article to see the hidden costs of cheap hosting that you may not have considered. The article opens in a new tab so that you do not lose this page.


Let's Do This!

Simply fill out the form below and we will show you just how fast your website can be. There is NO obligation and it will cost you nothing at this stage.

How Fast Can My Site Be

  • If your site is WordPress the URL to your WordPress admin area. If it is not WordPress please provide the URL to your web hosting control panel.
  • If your site is WordPress you can simply create us a temporary account just make sure it is an admin account as we will need to install a plugin to take a quick backup of your site.
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