Backup Plugins IMPORTANT!!

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For extra backups, we recommend taking weekly full backups from Cpanel and storing them either on remote storage or on your computers.

There are backup plugins that can achieve this for WordPress however you need to know that these plugins can be very heavy on server resources so you should always set them to run in the early hours of the morning and NOT during business hours.

We also recommend that you choose a backup plugin that allows incremental backups as these are quicker to run and so do not put as much strain on our servers.

While backups are really important please be aware should you choose a plugin that negatively impacts our servers we may ask you to stop using it.

If you wish we can install a premium backup plugin for you and have it incrementally send backups to your Google Drive, DropBox and other such file storage services.  Please open a support ticket if you would like that done.

If you do not want the hassle of this then we highly recommend our enhanced backups service which takes incremental backups to remote storage and allows the restoration of individual files or your full site. Note however these backups are just for your site, not your email.

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