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We can not stress enough that running any website to make money whether you are selling goods or a service is 5% dealing with your customers and orders and 95% promoting your site.

The biggest single mistake new website owners make is they think if they open a website people will come and buy. NOT TRUE. Competition on the web is fierce. However, for those prepared to put in regular effort promoting their site, for those prepared to build a customer base and a reputation there is a great living to be made from selling online.

In this section of the knowledge base, we discuss several ways to bring visitors to your site, if you are serious you should be doing all these things AND MORE.


“We will bring 10,000 targeted visitors to your site for just $30”
Forget it!!! These are scams, yes your stats will show 10,000 visitors, but the chances are they just put your site in 10,000 pop-unders which annoyed people and they were just closed immediately or they sent a robot to visit your site 10,000 times. These are not real visitors.

“We guarantee you a top Google position for your chosen keyword”
Forget it!!! Another scam! NO ONE and we mean NO ONE can guarantee you top placement in any search engine. You also need to be aware that search engine results are highly personalised now, there really is no such thing as first place on Google anymore. BE WARY OF THESE ADS

“We will send emails with your link to 2 million opt-in email addresses”
This is a DEFINITE NO NO NO. No matter what they claim this is spam. The chances are that the lists will not be double opt-in. Before you know it your email address and your site’s IP address will be blacklisted and you will not be able to send an email to accounts at Yahoo, MSN, HOTMAIL and so on. DO NOT FALL FOR THESE SCAMS, they will do you way more harm than good. If your site is caught using these services you can lose your hosting account at 3001Web WE DO NOT TOLERATE SPAMMING AT ALL!!

“We will submit your site to 1000 search engines”
Again a scam. Firstly there aren’t 1000 major search engines there are about 40 decent search engines and directories. These companies will submit your site to the engines and also to thousands of FFA (Free for all) sites which will ultimately result in lots of spam in your inbox and could get your site blacklisted by the big search engines.

You should promote your site in as many legal and ethical ways as possible but avoid scams like the above.

Here is a very old but very true saying to remember when it comes to promoting your site.

“The only place that success comes before work is in the dictionary”

So click “Back” on your browser and start working your way through promotional ideas for your site. Some of them require a little investment some do not.

Above all have FUN doing it and seeing results. Good luck!

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