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Sounds so obvious, doesn’t it? Sadly this is a form of promotion most website owners miss.

We all send emails, right? As a website owner, you will probably send many more than the average web user.

Whether you use a webmail account like Yahoo, Gmail or Hotmail OR you use Outlook Express to send email from your own website email addresses all these programs offer you the chance to automatically add a signature to your outgoing emails.


Make sure at very least your URL is in there, better still a little text ad. Here are examples:

With Thanks
Fred Smith
Freds Widgets

With Thanks
Fred Smith
All the best widgets at great prices

Make sure you link the site name to your site using a hyperlink.

Using email signatures every email you send is an ad for your site, but without being an ad if you know what we mean.

Remember sometimes emails get forwarded to others.

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