Granting Access To cPanel To Third Parties

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In this video, we will show you how to grant access to your hosting control panel (cPanel) to freelancers or programmers.

When you give someone access to your cPanel you are giving them access to ABSOLUTELY EVERYTHING! Your site, its files, your database your customer data. Be absolutely sure the person you are giving access to can be trusted. Let us be clear here 3001Web will NOT be held responsible for damage done to your site if you give a third-party access to your cPanel.

Many times programmers and freelancers don’t really need access to cPanel if you are unsure put in a support ticket, let us know what they are doing for you and we will tell you whether or not they need access. Better still have 3001Web do the work for you.
If you are sure you can trust the third party the video below will show you how to change your cPanel password to give them access. Make sure you change it back once the work is completed.

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