How do I get copies of my invoices for my bookkeeping?

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There are two ways of creating printed records of your invoices from 3001Web.

Downloading Your Past Invoices

  1. Log into your client area here. (link opens in a new window turn any pop-up blockers off).
  2. From your dashboard click on the green “Invoices” box.
  3. Now click on the “closed” filter just below the black bar to see a list of your paid invoices.
  4. Click “view” next to the invoice you want to save. Note here if you use google chrome you will automatically be offered a download, if you use Firefox or another browser the invoice will open in your browser, just select print and choose print to pdf from the print window
  5. Once downloaded just double click the invoice to open it.

This will give you permanent records of your payments to 3001Web. Sorry, but we do not send paper invoices to our clients.

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