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When we design websites for clients we nearly always ask them to sign up for a service from a company called Shortpixel

If we are currently designing your site and we sent you to this page please read on so that you know what this is and why you need it.

Shortpixel provides your WordPress site with a plugin that will automatically compress images as they get added to your site.

Why do you need this?

1 Page speed for search engines. I am sure we do not have to tell you that page speed is VITAL these days. If you want your site to do well in search engines it HAS to be fast. Lots of large images can negatively affect your page load times.

2. Page speed for customers. This is a proven and well-researched FACT if your pages take much more than 2 seconds to load you start losing visitors before they even see your site. This is lost sales, lost sign-ups lost income.

3. Webspace. Like all websites you have to pay for your webspace, why waste it on images that could be much smaller?

Image Sizes

Now just to be clear here there are TWO types of size when it comes to images. There are the physical size EG 800×600 pixels then there is the FILE size EG 1Mb.

For physical size, you should never really be uploading images that are more than 1200 pixels wide unless you need ultra high-quality images. For example, a photographer may use larger image sizes.

Regarding the filesize read on…..

What Will This Plugin Do To My Images?

Shortpixel will drastically reduce the FILE SIZE of your image without altering the dimensions or the quality of the photography. This is called lossless compression.

Couldn’t I Do This With A Program On My Computer?

Yes you could but that is time-consuming to do correctly, in addition, most compression software will degrade the quality of your images.

Is There Any Cost?

This depends on how many images you upload. Shortpixel offers 100 images free every month after that they DO charge, but the charge is minuscule. You can buy a credit pack for $9.99 that will give you 10,000 image compressions that areĀ 0.0009c each. The time this will save you alone makes it a no brainer.

Bear in mind that when you upload a single image to WordPress it often creates 5 different sizes. So, in reality, you will probably get 20 free images a month on the free account.

What About The Images That Are Already On my site?

You can compress those too if you wish once the plugin is installed. It will tell you if there will be any associated cost. Even if there is, as your host we would advise you to optimize ALL your images. Again weigh up the cost against repeatedly losing sales to slow pages.

Is It Safe To Enter My Credit Or Debit Card Details At Their Site?

Absolutely, and we suggest you do so. After you sign up you will get an API key inside your account with them just pop that part into the Shortpixel plugin settings in your admin area. If this is confusing just open a support ticket and we can do it for you.

Set this up now and you never have to worry about wasting webspace or slowing your site down with badly compressed images.

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