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It is not often we promote programs within the knowledge base but this one is really worth a mention.

There is an excellent and inexpensive program out there called Roboform that we highly recommend. We would be lost in our office without it.

What Roboform Does

Very simply it is a password remembering and form-filling program. Yes, we KNOW that Windows and Firefox and IE have these facilities, a few points to raise here:

  1. Your PC (heavens forbid) crashes first thing in the morning where are your passwords now?
  2. You are at work or away for the weekend and want to check on your sites from someone else’s PC, where are your passwords and form filling details? On your PC at home useless!
  3. You have a form filling ID that has all your personal details, but you have two websites and each time you register for a service whether it be advertising or link exchange you have to amend your details to put in your URLs and titles and descriptions.

Roboform will solve all the above issues and more, here are just some of the many benefits.

It has apps for all major browsers and mobile phones. It has two-factor authorisation using your mobile, it is secure and very awesome.

You can get 6 months free by clicking HERE or just read on.


Roboform not only remembers passwords but will recognise the site you are on and allow you to log in with a single click.

After checking your email you go to the admin area of your site to do some work, hey presto Roboform knows where you are and again offers to log you in with one click.

It also generates long complicated passwords with a click. Yes, you can have a long complicated password for each site you visit as Roboform remembers them all for you so they can ALL be different. All you have to remember is a single master password for Roboform

You can get 6 months free by clicking HERE or just read on.

Form Filling

Again this is much more advanced than the Windows or browser form fillers as it lets you create different IDs each with its own profiles and custom fields.

An example, you can have your main profile with your name Fred Smith you then create a default profile for Fred Smith enter all your details, name address phone number favourite username and password email and so on. Then when you sign up for anything personal Roboform will recognise the web page has a form and offer to fill it out for you,  just choose the Fred Smith profile to fill the form.

But you also have a website and maybe register for something to do with that. Not a problem you create a separate profile called and fill out all the details for your site, there is a custom fields section where you can add things like URL  Title: Freds Widgets At Bargain Prices  Description “for the very best widgets at the best prices visit Fred’s widgets” Again do this once then in the future fill out site related forms with one click by choosing the my site profile. Very useful for registering for many sites.

Grab it, try it we know you will love it. If you decide to buy it which we highly recommend you do it is only about £20 a year for the full version, trust us when we say this, the time this great little programme will save you is worth WAY more.

You can get 6 months free by clicking HERE or just read on.

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