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One of the first steps for any website should be to let the major search engines know of its existence. While none of the major search engines gives any guarantee of listings letting them know you exist can shorten the time it takes for them to crawl and index your site.

First Step

Let search engines know your site exists. Easy to do go to your favourite search engine and type

Submit my site to google

Submit my site to Bing

and other similar searches. Bypass any of those spammy sites that offer to “Submit your site to a gazillion search engines and directories for $30 ” Take the time to go to the search engine’s own submission page and follow their instructions.

How Often Should You Submit?

Not more than once there is no need. If you have made your site search engine friendly the search engines will regularly crawl and re-index your site.

Submitting To Directories

Believe it or not, not all traffic comes from search engines. Legitimate directories are an excellent source of traffic.

You should begin by finding directories specific to your site, it isn’t hard. If for example, you sell Jewelry, search Yahoo or Google for “jewellery directories” you will find thousands of sites that do nothing but list jewellery sites. Some will be free, some may require a small payment try a few different ones and pay for a listing if you can, keep an eye on your stats in your hosting control panel to see which ones actually send you visitors. Or you can ask us to set up a little plugin for WordPress whereby you can give each site a specific link to your home page so you can track directly how many visitors they send you.

Do not underestimate these directories they are an excellent source of ongoing traffic. Spend some time listing in them.

What Should I Look For In A Directory?

Basically organization. A good directory will have clearly laid out categories and a search function. Look around the site as if you were a visitor looking to buy a specific piece of jewellery. Is it easy to use? If it is list in it. If it is covered with annoying pop-ups or spammy ads give it a miss, chances are if it bugs you it will bug other visitors too.

We think like this. You have a jewellery site. If you search any of the major engines for “jewellery” your site is not in the top 10. So what makes sense? Get your site advertised on the sites that ARE in the top 10.

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