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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the art of optimising your website to improve its visibility on search engines.

There Are Two Parts To SEO

1. Basic SEO

This is the part we will do when we build your site. It comprises of making sure that your site is easily readable by search engines and that the information is laid out in a way that search engines recognise.

2. Advanced SEO

This is much more specialised and time-consuming, complicated and requires a lot more experience. It involves making sure your site’s content is optimised in such a way to improve the chance of your site appearing at the top of Google and other search engines resulting in more visitors and hopefully sales for your business.

We will not go into deep detail here as there is plenty of information on Google as to what SEO is. What we will say is……


Just like there are good and bad hosts and good and bad web designers there are also good and bad SEO experts out there, and this is a multi-million dollar business.

Google and other search engines do not want their results to be cheated, choose the wrong SEO expert and you can easily DAMAGE your position in search engine results.

Be sure to choose a legitimate, ethical and professional company to do your SEO. Cheap is definitely not best here.

What Does It Cost?

Prices vary hugely for SEO services it is however a very work-intensive process so it will require a regular investment. You need to remember that Google and other search engines also change how they order their results so this will require changes to be made to keep you at the top of search engines.

Is It Worth The Cost?

If you find the right SEO professionals yes it can be a very worthwhile investment. While you may be paying for the SEO itself it SHOULD bring you a lot of organic search traffic to your site so this can reduce the amount you spend on advertising. Organic traffic is always the best kind, people who have actually searched for your product or service are much more likely to buy than people randomly clicking on ads out of idle curiosity. We have had clients tell us they had to halt paid ads as their sites had all the customers their business could handle.

Do 3001Web Offer SEO Services?

Other than making sure your site is built in a basic search engine friendly manner we do not. Just hosting and managing your sites is a full-time job all on its own. HOWEVER of course we do have a recommendation for you.

We highly recommend the team over at Profit Parrot for your SEO needs. You can click here to get more details on their service.

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