Should I Host My Email And My Website Together?

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Now, this may surprise you but NO!  There are MANY excellent reasons for not storing your email in the same place as your website.

Like any web host, we offer basic email service on our servers as a courtesy but we are a web host, not a professional email provider.

We highly recommend you use a separate professional email service for your email.

Free Email Has A Single point of failure.

While the 3001Web servers are extremely reliable ALL web servers can run into issues now and again, hardware can fail or need to be replaced, and the software may need updating which means we may have to take our servers offline for a short period, there can be network issues in ANY country or city when for some reason the local internet service is interrupted. If any of these things occur and your website is offline so is your email. You now have no way to communicate with your clients and they can not contact you. This can be a disaster for businesses that rely heavily on email. This alone is enough reason to separate your website and email hosting.

Using Separate Pro Email Gives You A Better Email Reputation

Like every host that offers free email, your accounts are hosted on a large, shared, free email server. This means that all the sites on the 3001Web servers (unless they are using the separate pro email) are using the same email server and IP address as your email addresses are.

We do monitor our servers and clients closely, and we do use services like imunify outgoing spam filter on our servers you must remember this is a SHARED email server offered on a complimentary basis with your web hosting account. Thankfully it does not happen often, but if one of our clients did start sending out spam emails it can damage the sending reputation of our free mail server. Should our server be blacklisted by any of the big email providers this could affect your email accounts and the delivery of emails to your clients as you are sharing the same mail server.

You should also remember that sometimes people can inadvertently spam without knowing it. For example, they may have a list of contacts one of whom has closed an email account. If they keep emailing that person their account and our IP can be flagged for spam and our IP address gets blacklisted.

We would, of course, get our server de-listed but this can take from a few days to a few weeks as we are waiting on the owner of the blacklist to remove us and we can not control how quickly or slowly they do that.

By using a dedicated professional email service separate from your site you will be hosting your mailboxes on a server that has been specially configured to improve email deliverability. There will also be more sender identification and security involved which should mean your emails avoid your clients’ spam folders too.

It’s cheaper!

There is a massive difference in the cost of web space and the cost of email storage space. Email servers do not need anywhere near the processing power of web servers making them much cheaper to run, as a result, email storage is much cheaper. Why waste your valuable web space storing email when you can store it for much less and leave your web space for the images and data that are used to power your site?

Do I keep my own domain with separate pro email?

Yes, of course, we simply point any requests for your website to our servers and any email-related transactions to your email provider. So your email addresses will remain the same

Security Redundancy

While our servers and email servers are extremely secure should your site be compromised via a bad plugin or because you have used a password that is weak then the invader may have access to your email. The reverse can also be true. If these services are separate this adds another layer of security due to the enhanced redundancy of having the two services run on separate servers.

Moving to a new server is more difficult.

As you know server technology like all technology improves all the time, and 3001Web improves with it. If we want to move your site to a new server to make sure your site is running as fast and as smoothly as it possibly can, that is not difficult. A small amount of downtime out of office hours will not cause your business too much harm, however in that change over a period of time if someone sends you an email you might not get it. If your email is separate moving servers becomes a whole lot less problematic and your email continues to function while we move your site. Consider the other side of this coin too, if your email service is negatively affected your clients can still reach you via your site support area or live chat.

There are many reasons we may choose to move servers including:
1. To take advantage of newer technology
2. If a server should become unstable due to age or repeated hardware issues
3. The support from our data centre becomes unreliable. Data centres like other businesses can change hands and sometimes support suffers as a result which we never allow. Without first-class server support, we can not, in turn, provide the high-quality service we insist on to you.

Who do we recommend for your pro email service?

Pop in a support ticket and we will discuss your needs.

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