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Updating WordPress is a very simple process. WordPress core updates will appear in the “Updates” section of your admin area and a text nag will probably appear across the top of all the pages in the admin area.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Before performing any MAJOR update of WordPress we recommend you wait a week or so. The reason for this is that just because WordPress has updated it does not mean that the various plugins that add functionality to your site have also been updated. Remember that many of these plugins are written by third-party programmers. Therefore allow a week or so for updates to your plugins to come through and perform those first. When you think most of your plugins are updated then upgrade WordPress.

Better still take the time to email plugin writers and ask them if the current version of their plugin will work with the new version of WordPress.

How To Update WordPress.

FIRST BACKUP YOUR SITE if you do not you risk losing everything. Help on backing up your site can be found here.

Once the files and databases of your site have been backed up log into your admin area for your site and do the following:

In the left navigation mouse over the word “Dashboard” then click “Updates”
You will be told that WordPress is out of date so simply click the “update now” button.
Wait for the update to finish,

You should now be presented with a screen that tells you the upgrade is complete and what is new in the new version.

That’s it! You are running the latest version of WordPress. Just check your site out and confirm that everything is working as it should.

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