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We often come across clients who have been infected with some virus or another and ask for our help. Which anti-virus programme you use makes a BIG difference both to the security of your device and believe it or not they can seriously affect the speed of your devices too.

A lot of the people who contacted us used one of the following programs:

Trend Micro

to name but a few.

Many of these big commercial virus programs are VERY sore on your computer resources and can severely slow it down.

Is there an alternative?

You bet there is. Our recommendation is to download BitDefender’s total security. This is an award-winning antivirus programme.

In repeated tests BitDefender keeps winning hands down when it comes to protecting devices, it is also the least sore on the resources of your computer. We use this on ALL our machines in the office and our laptops.

Get more info on BitDefender here

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