What Are Meta Tags? IMPORTANT

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Basically, meta tags are hidden information in the code of your web page that helps search engines index your site and content more easily.  Here’s a brief description to help you understand what they are then we will tell you how to put them on your pages. Terminology can vary slightly in different programs so we will try to include them all.

Title/Page Title/Meta Title

This is the title of the page. Whether it be a product page or a normal page. It appears at the very top of Chrome, Firefox IE or whatever browser you use. If you have tabbed browsing it will be there on the tab.   Example: About Fred Bloggs Widget Wholesalers

(Obviously, this example is an about us page)

Description/Page Description/Meta Description/Content

This is a SHORT paragraph of text describing what is on the page, it needs to be accurate in describing the content of the page.   Example: Fred Bloggs Widget Wholesalers provide top quality widgets of all kinds to the widget industry. We source the finest quality widgets worldwide at competitive prices.    As you can see this could be the first paragraph of the about us page, you could choose a later paragraph if it has more pertinent information as to the content of that page.

Keywords/Meta Keywords

This is literally a string of words and short phrases (separated by commas) that describe your page. It is arguable how much search engines actually use keywords in modern results. If your shopping cart or WordPress does not have a section for these do not worry. The Title and Description meta tags are the most important.   Example: widgets,widget wholesalers,widget supplier,worldwide widgets,Fred blogs widgets,green widgets,red widgets

How Do Search Engines Use This Info?

In simple terms, they use it to try and establish what is on the pages of your website and serve those pages to match web users’ search as accurately as they can. The Title and Description tag also get used to actually format the search result. Does this look familiar? Something like results in a search engine? Just to further clarify the meta tags   About Fred Blogs Widget Wholesalers   <—– Meta Title Tag Fred Bloggs Widget Wholesalers provide top quality widgets of all kinds to the widget industry.  <—— Meta Description Tag We source the finest quality widgets worldwide at prices that have to be seen to believed. www.fredblogswidgetwholesale.com

How can I create Them What Do I Need To Do?

Whether you use WordPress, open cart, Cube cart or any other modern content management system to run your site they ALL have meta sections on product pages and regular info pages (They certainly do if we built your site) If they do not then contact us and have us add them for you. You need to fill those fields in for every product and every page on your site. Take a little time doing it it is REALLY important if you want your pages to be found by search engines. There are videos for specific programmes to help with this within this knowledge base.

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