What Are My FTP Login Details?

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Your FTP login details are as follows:

address: ftp.yoursite.com

user: the same as your main hosting Cpanel

password: the same as your main Cpanel


If you are going to have someone else work on your site we suggest you do not give them your main FTP login details but create an FTP account for them which you can remove when they have finished. To do that you need to do the following.

1. Log into your main control panel.

UK Clients can log in here

US Clients can log in here

US Clients can log in here

2. Look for the FTP section and click “Manage Accounts”

3. Click ” Add FTP Account”

Here you will set up the extra account. Please note that when giving the user their login details, whatever you put as their user name will be placed in front of @yourdomain.com.

Therefore if the new user name you enter is FRED Fred’s user name for FTP will be FRED@YOURDOMAIN.COM and not just Fred.

As for the directory section, when you enter Fred’s user name that will change. The control panel will create a folder just for Fred. If you leave that as it is Fred will only have access to the FTP folder called “Fred”

If you want to give Fred access to all of your site via FTP you need to make sure the only thing in the directory box is this symbol:


We do not recommend this and will not be held responsible if a third party damages your site in any way. The best we can advise is never to give full access via FTP unless you know or trust the person you are granting access to well.

Finally, click “Create” to add the extra FTP account.

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