What is a domain name?

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Without getting too technical, just like your house, websites have an address so that people can find them.

Their actual address is a numerical number like 89.57.451.498 but people are hardly likely to remember that now are they?

So websites need a domain name to point to their numerical address.

A domain name is simply the www.SOMESITE.com a site is known as.

Domain names are rented yearly from domain registrars. At 3001Web we offer discounted domain names via our registrar. 

Our domains start at just £9.99 per year. Unlike other registrars, we do not waste your time trying to sell you a thousand bells and whistles you do not need. You will in most cases also pay less with us than you would at GoDaddy or other big name registrars.

To order a domain name for your site just pop in a support ticket here.

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