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2 Checkout

Normally abbreviated to 2CO . We recommend this for US and Canadian clients. Not so much for UK clients as they charge currency conversion fees. are an excellent alternative to PayPal they accept all major credit cards. It is always a good idea to offer an alternative to PayPal for those who may not want to use it.

The advantage of using 2checkput is that the buyer does not have to create an account like they do with PayPal, they simply enter their credit card details and make their purchase.

Why Choose 2 Checkout?

No waiting weeks (Get started immediately)
No long term contracts
No equipment or software needed
Easy to use plug-n-play code
Simple commission fee structure
International suppliers accepted
List products & services just about anything
Supports recurring billing
Works with existing shopping carts
Automatic purchase order notification
State of the Art fraud detection
Great for simple or complex needs
Comprehensive account management tools
Robust shipping options

2checkout payment processing fees

$0.30 per Sale
2.4% of Sale Amount
30 Day money back guarantee
No application fees
No monthly fees
No statement fees
No leases
No fees for ACH deposits to U.S. or participating Canadian bank accounts
Cheque Payment or Low Cost Wire to Non U.S. Bank Accounts
FREE shopping cart
FREE code for your web site
FREE on-line tech support

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