We can not stress enough how important it is to backup both the files and databases of your site before upgrading any plugin, theme or WordPress itself but let us try


How To Backup Your Site

Before we can perform backups we first need to log into your web hosting control panel which is abbreviated to “Cpanel”. This is NOT the same as the admin area of your site it is the admin area of your web hosting account with us. To log into that do the following:

Log in to your client account here (link opens in new window so you do not lose this page)

  1. In the top menu click on “SERVICES” then “MY SERVICES”
  2. You will now have a list of your services. Find the web hosting service for your site and click the “VIEW DETAILS” button
  3. At the bottom of that page, you will see a button you can click to log into your web hosting Cpanel

If you have forgotten your login details and need them reset you will need to click here to open a support ticketWe may call you to verify you requested a password reset on your hosting account so please make sure your telephone contact number is correct in the client area.

Once you get logged into your CPanel we can start the backup process which is done in two stages.

Back Up Your Sites Files And Folders

Under “Site Management” in the right window find the “Backup” icon and click it.

Now you will see a sub-heading “Download a Home Directory Backup” click the button below that “download home directory backup” IMPORTANT it must be a HOME directory backup NOT a full backup

Choose where on your PC you want to save the file and click OK or Save.

This may take a while to download depending on your internet speeds as we are making a full copy of every file, folder and image on your site. Make sure you let the donwload finish before moving to the next step.

Backup your MySQL databases:

Just below where you just clicked to take the home directory backup you will see a sub-heading “Download a MySQL Database Backup” this will list all the databases you use to run your site. You should click these individually (Blueish text) and save each one to your PC.

You will need backups of your databases in the event of anything going wrong. ALL the information that WordPress needs to run is in these files if you don’t have them the content of your site could be completely lost.

That’s it!  We now have a full backup of your site and can start running WordPress upgrades.

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