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Can 3001 Web edit my site for me if i need work doing?

Yes, we can most of the time.

However, you should always remember that is a web design and hosting company we are not your webmasters. There may be times when our work schedule will not allow time for us to take on site editing or installation jobs for our hosting clients.

When We Do Have Time (Most of the time)

3001 Web offers site editing services and programme installation services at our current hourly rates.

All billing for this kind of work is done by the minute unless the work you want has a fixed price advertised on the site. Why do we do bill by the minute? Because it is the fairest way to do things. If you ask us to complete a job for you that only takes our experienced staff 10 minutes, then 10 minutes is all you pay for. Unlike other companies, we do not charge 1-hour minimums. Our minimum charge is just 5 minutes.

What Happens When We Can’t Help You?

There are certain times when our workload is so high that we can not take on your editing or installation work. On these occasions, we will inform you of this and show you how to get in touch with other professionals that can do the work for you.

Just because we are busy does not mean we do not care. If we can’t help you, we will find you someone who can. That is how we work here.


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