Yes, you can. However filtering via Cpanel is not only time consuming it is also not very effective. The reason being spammers generally send a few thousand messages then close that email account and open a new one.

We recommend reading our spam solution option on our main site here.

If you want to do things the hard way then a “How To” on filtering using Cpanel is below.

Log into your Cpanel at

UK Sites Click Here

US Sites Click Here

Once logged in look in the e-mail section and click “E-mail Filtering”

Now click “add filter”

We highly recommend you block junk mail by EXACT subject rather than by e-mail address. Blocking email addresses really is a waste of time spammers never keep the same email address for long.

You will see the filter has a “subject contains” filter be careful with that because if you put small words that are part of larger words you may ban legitimate email.

We suggest you use the following method if you want to use manual blocking.

Let’s say you are getting lots of spam emails with the subject

“The Ultimate Online Pharmacy”

Set the filter like this

Subject >>>>>Equals>>>>>The Ultimate Online Pharmacy

Destination: discard

This way any email matching that exact subject will be discarded automatically if sent to your email addresses.

AGAIN We recommend reading our spam solution option on our main site here. It will save you much more time and be way more effective.

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