So now you know what a domain name is you need to choose the right one. This is REALLY important. We will give you a few ideas below and possibly a few points you may not have considered.

Where Do I Get A Domain Name?

Domain names have to be rented yearly from a domain registrar and can vary greatly in price. The most regularly used domain formats (TLDS) are often the cheapest .com,.net etc. However, country-specific domain formats can be even cheaper, for example, or .us.

We have seen domain names sold at silly prices on some sites. Here at 3001 Web, we do offer domain registration at really competitive prices. via our chosen registrar.

Choose A Domain That Describes Your Business Or Service

Try to choose a domain that describes your business or service. A name like is a great name but if you did not know the company, you would not know what they did. Would you ever type that into Google if you did not know the company? Of course not. The difference here is AO have MILLIONS to spend on advertising so that everyone knows they sell household electrical items. If you do not have a massive advertising budget then a name that fits your business type is a much better idea.

Consider NOT Using Your Business Name

I can hear you shouting “What?” at me right now, but hear me out.  Let’s get hypothetical for a moment. My name is Alan Johnson, I am a locksmith. My business is called AJ Security Services. I live in Perth Scotland.

So Jane has locked herself out of her flat in Perth and needs a locksmith. She fires up her mobile phone and what will she search for? AJ Security Services? NOT A CHANCE!  She will search for “Locksmith Perth”.

While Google and other search engines change regularly how they order results, having the searched term in your domain name will DEFINITELY not do you any harm when it comes to your site being found. You can tell them WHEN they get to your site that the service is provided by AJ Security Services. What is more important? Your business name in your domain or getting that new customer?

In cases like this business vanity CAN cost you clients.

Make It Easy To Remember

Following on from the last paragraph which is easier for a potential client to remember? AJ Security Services or ?

Localise It

Another great thing about the little example above is that it is locally targeted. One of the biggest mistakes people make with websites is trying to take on the world or the whole country. If you are a local service provider localise your domain name. Targeting areas can be really profitable for lots of businesses.

Avoid Dashes And Numbers

Here you can learn from one of our own mistakes. Numbers can be written or typed numerically.

Is it or is it, or you will end up buying multiple domains to make sure you catch all variations. If right now you are thinking “hang on you did not follow your own advice with the name”, you are right! We thought when we started many moons ago were we to have a number starting our domain it would come at the top of alphabetical lists. (how silly is that?) We also thought it will sound very futuristic. A VERY silly mistake on reflection. Had we KNOWN about the importance of a domain for search and memorability back then we may have chosen

By the time we realised it was too late and we stuck with it. The good news is you can learn from our mistakes.

Avoid dashes in your domain names too. Firstly people can forget where the dashes go or worse they can forget them all together and go to one of your competitors. So the domain has already been bought, you decide to buy People WILL forget the dash and you sent your visitor to a competitor.

Keep It As Short As Possible

2 3 or 4 letter domains are RARE these days nearly all of them are gone. Try to make your domain simple, easy to remember and descriptive of your service or product. The longer and more complex the domain the harder it is to remember and the more chance it has of being mistyped.

Also, remember you will need to fit it on a business card.


So you have chosen your name and now things can get frustrating when you find out it has already been registered by someone else. Irritatingly you will find many domains have been registered by people wanting to sell them at a profit, they are not even using them. Annoying as this is it is not illegal. So you may need to get inventive, remember the points above. Localising your domain can often produce success. may not be available but may be or or

Get inventive try different combinations. Do NOT add hyphens or be tempted to replace words with numbers EG again hard to remember and a danger of sending visitors to your competitors.


Where Can You Check?

You can start searching for your ideal domain here. We offer the following TLDS as standard

If you want another format (there are hundreds) eg.builder, .cafe or some other specific TLD then open a support ticket telling us which one and we will add it to the search for you. Please bear in mind these are NOT cheap to rent like the standard formats above.

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