You can clear your cache to help prevent users seeing older versions of pages in two ways.

1. CLEAR ALL THE CACHE  (Won’t harm your site but not the ideal way)

This will remove ALL cached pages from your cache folder. The cached pages will then be rebuilt from the database next time someone visits them. While this is not the ideal way to do things here is how to do it.

a) Log into your WP admin area
b) Look at the black admin bar at the top of the page and mouse over the link called “WP Rocket”
c) From the drop down select “Clear Cache”

That will delete ALL the cached pages on your site forcing the next visitor to call the pages from the database at which time the page will be once again cached to speed it up for subsequent visitors.


Rather than clear out all your cache because you have edited a single page you can also just clear a single page. So, for example, you have only updated your “About us” you can just clear the stored version of that one page to make sure your visitors see the latest version.

Here is how to do that.

a) Make sure you are logged into WP admin area.
b) Go to the public part of your website and navigate to the page you just edited.
c) In the black bar at the top mouse over WP Rocket
d) Select purge this URL

That will just clear that single page rather than your whole cache. Next, log out of admin and visit the page like a visitor would that will re-create a new cached version of the page.

Job done!

Please bear in mind some browsers and even Internet service providers can continue to show cached pages of your site even when you have updated them. You can not control the caching of the user or their ISP what you can do if they are having trouble seeing a new addition to your content is get them to try the following:

1. Tell them to press the F5 key on their keyboard four or five times in quick succession. This will force a hard refresh of the page.

2. Suggest that they clear their cookies.

Failing that it may just be a case of waiting for their ISP to update or flush their cache neither you or 3001 web can control that.

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