As you know every now and again 3001 Web may upgrade servers to make sure you continue to enjoy lightning-fast speeds as technology changes.

When we move servers we will also be moving your email accounts and mail to the new server. (Unless you have our Pro Email in which case this will not affect you.)

Moving servers is like moving house it is a PHYSICAL move and the numerical address (IP address) of the server changes.

This can cause temporary email issues for up to 48 hours (normally much less) because just like you would have to redirect your regular mail if you moved house, we have to let the web know your email inbox has moved. Please do not shout at us about this WE CAN NOT control how fast this happens some data centres are faster at picking up changes than others.

In reality, disruption is normally minimal. Some emails may go to your old mail account and some to the new version while the changes propagate around the internet, however, 48 hours after we move we WILL do another email migration from the old server to the new one to make sure you do not miss any messages.

Sometimes temporary issues with your messages going to your customers’ spam boxes can occur, this is because for a little while they may be checking two different versions of the code that verifies your email address on the old and new server. Once the DNS changes have propagated fully any issues should stop. We constantly monitor that our mail server is not backlisted and employ all the correct email protocols on our servers.

My Email Programme/App Won’t Connect After The Server Move

Please understand here there are HUNDREDS of different email clients and probably thousands of different phones we can not possibly support them all.  You need to check with whoever sold you your mail client or phone on how to edit your settings.

Most times we will recommend that you just delete the account from your email programme or app and re-add it. Most modern email apps can read settings from the server and will pick up any changes.

If after all this you are still stuck then pop in a support ticket and we will see if we can help.

How Can I Avoid All Of This?

We have for a long time recommended to ALL our clients if Email is a vital part of your business it should NOT be hosted on the same server as your website. Please read this article to find out why.