So you want to switch to SmarterMail Pro Email? Awesome! Here is how to get started.

What You Need To Do

  1. Order your subscription from inside the support area under products and services, or pop in a support ticket and we will order it for you.
  2. Pay the invoice for the service
  3. Provide us with the passwords for all the email accounts we are moving to the new server, we will need those to migrate all your email from your old mailboxes to the new ones.

    (You can if you wish migrate the email yourself in which case we would not need the passwords just a list of the email accounts so that we can re-create them in the new system. We have a video tutorial that can show you how to migrate current emails yourself)

Once all the above is done we will schedule the work and let you know when it will be carried out.

What We Will Do

First, we will set up your new account on the Smarter Mail server then we will migrate all your email accounts and emails to the new server.

Once the set up is complete we will change some DNS settings on your domain to direct any request regarding email to the new pro mail server and any requests for your website will obviously still be sent to the webserver.

Once this is complete we will ask you to check that all your email has been transferred correctly including any archives or sent items.

Will My Email Service Be Impacted?

Possibly,  there can be little disruptions to your email for up to 48 hours.

When we move your mailboxes it is similar to your moving house, obviously, you need to inform your postal service to redirect your mail when you move. The web is no different we will have to alter the DNS on your domain to let the world know your inboxes have moved and where to. This information has to be updated in data centres all over the world. Some of them are very fast at picking up the changes others are slower.  We can not control the speeds at which they update their information but it should be completed in between 2 hours and 48 hours.

This can result in two little inconveniences

  1. As all the different data centres in the world pick up the new details some will be slower than others to recognise the change. It IS possible that some emails could be sent to the old server and some to the new during that updating period. However, after 48 hours have passed we will do another migration of your emails from the old server to make sure none were missed.
  2. It is possible while migrating that some of your emails to your clients may end up in spam boxes. This is caused by there temporarily being two different versions of the verification info for your email sending being available on the two different servers.  This should settle down after 48 hours. We actively monitor our mailing IP addresses to make sure they are not on spam lists.

My Email Programme/App Won’t Connect After The Server Move

Most times we will recommend that you just delete the email account from your email programmes like Outlook or your phone app and re-add it. Most modern email apps can read settings from the server and will pick up any changes.

There is info on what settings you will need to use for SmarterMail in your email client here

If after all this you are still stuck then pop in a support ticket and we will see if we can help.

Please understand there are HUNDREDS of different email clients and probably thousands of different phones we can not possibly support them all.  Before you contact us it is always a good idea to check with whoever sold you your mail client or phone on how to edit your settings after a move.