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Giving Access To Your Site To Third Parties

In some instances, you may wish to give access to your site to a third party not employed by 3001 web for the purposes of installing a program or performing a modification to your site. Before giving access to your site to someone not directly employed by please bear the following in mind:

1. 3001 web WILL NOT be held responsible for any damage done to your site due to the errors of programmers or other parties not employed directly by 3001 web. Any repairs or reinstalls performed by us due to the errors of another party will be billed at our full per minute rate.

2. If you do decide to use an outside service to modify your site in some way, make sure you change any passwords before giving them access. Better still add an extra login just for them that can be removed once the work is complete. We suggest you do the following:

a. Create a new CPanel account to give access to a third party.

b. If you are giving them access to the admin area of a script that runs your site like WordPress, add a new administrator account so they can have their own login. This way you can remove their admin account once the work is complete so they can no longer access your admin area.

c. If they only require FTP access log into your CPanel for your hosting account and create them their own FTP account. EG and a temporary password. Again you can remove this FTP account once the work is done. Help on how to create a new FTP account here.

d. If you can, make sure you know the third party is experienced enough to edit your site.

Basically be careful, not all programmers out there are honest, we suggest where possible you employ 3001 web staff to install your programs or modifications for you.

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