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I have made changes to my site but when I save them they do not appear to have changed.

This is nearly always a caching issue.

What Is Caching?

Let us explain. Nearly all modern websites do not have physical pages they are run by a database, so a user asks to see your home page (or any other page on your site)  the site goes and looks inside the database for all the data and information it needs to build the page and show it. This involves using a bit of bandwidth or data transfer as some call it and a few seconds of time.

To speed things up for your website’s visitors and to save database connections caches are used. A Cache DOES build a physical copy of each page which can be served to the user much faster as there is no need to go ask the database what to show.

First of all, log into the admin area of your website find the cache section and clear the cache.

Many broadband providers also cache websites to save internet usage/traffic.

Sometimes caches from the companies that provide you with internet access are not so quick to update they can be refreshed daily rather than instantly in some cases every couple of days.

Here are a few things to try.

1. On your keyboard hold down the “CTRL” key and hit F5 several times quickly this is called a hard refresh.
2. In your browser Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or whatever you use clear your cookies and your cache just Google the term “Clear cache in YOUR BROWSER NAME HERE”
3. Download another browser than the one you use and view your site in that.
4. See if you can get a cache killing plugin/extension for your browser. Once installed turn it on and go to your site then hit F5 on your keyboard. (remember to turn it off once you have checked or it will slow down your browsing on other sites)

If you have any other questions about caching and how it works pop in a support ticket.

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