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I am not getting my invoices by email

This is a complaint we have had several times and is normally down to a bad choice in a personal/free email provider.

We understand that you need a non-website email for personal communications but we highly recommend you do not use them for your business email. Not only are they unreliable it does not look professional to your clients.

Emails Going To Spam
Obviously, we are NOT spammers if your email provider is marking emails from us as spam you can do one of two things.

1. Add to your safelist/whitelist
2. Set up filters within your email account to ensure emails from us do not go to spam. There should be information on how to do that in the help section of your email providers website.

Free Email Accounts

If you insist on using a free email account for your business remember that not all free email is equal. Some free email providers have become so fanatical about spam that they refuse legitimate email by completely rejecting them, or they send them to your spam box where you do not see them. Unfortunately, there is not much we or anyone else can do about that it is their choice to use aggressive filters that also block or misdirect legitimate emails.

These companies use a programme that you have no control over to decide for you what you should and shouldn’t receive. We are pretty sure you would not accept your postman deciding what letters to deliver and putting the rest in the bin, you should not accept that from your email provider either.

Bad Choices For Your Business Email

1. Your Internet service provider

It doesn’t matter who it is, Virgin, Talktalk, Sky or BT in the UK. Verizon AOL or any of the others. They not only block incoming mail without informing you they have been known to stop their users sending emails by blocking outgoing email ports.

2. AOL, Hotmail, Verizon, Live, Outlook, Microsoft  And Other Free Services

All the above are terrible for email delivery. The 3001 webmail servers are fully can-spam compliant and follow all official email guidelines and are not on any spam blacklists we check them regularly but we can still struggle to get legitimate mail through to clients who use these companies.

Recommended Free Email Providers

If you insist on using a non-business email address in all good conscience, the only decent email provider we can personally recommend is Gmail Their spam filters are excellent and VERY accurate and much less aggressive than others. Their email accounts are fully featured and very easy to use and run.

You get also get a whopping 2GB of space!

Final Advice

Use one of your website email accounts for all business communication, if you must use a free provider get yourself a Gmail account. You will end up with an awesome email account with a great spam filter that makes way less mistakes.

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