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It is important that no matter what kind of site you are running that you keep regular and multiple backups of your site.

Yes as a responsible host 3001 web does run backups daily as a disaster recovery precaution but you should also have a copy of your site on your PC.

While our data centres are state of the art and top spec what happens in the case of a natural disaster if the data centre is destroyed so is your site, sounds silly but you get the idea. Like every other part of your business, you should have multiple copies.

Another reason to take regular backups is updating the programmes that run your site to the latest version. While 99.9% of the time the companies that run WordPress and the various shopping carts get it right on a rare occasion they could release an update that has issues. If you have no copy of your site you have nothing to roll back to.

For the few minutes it takes this is a habit you really should develop at least once a week.

Log into your Cpanel just before you leave your desk to grab lunch or a coffee and leave the backup running. It can save you hours of work and lots of income should anything ever go wrong with your site.

There is a video and written tutorial here on how to take a full backup of your site and its databases in a few clicks.

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