This article covers why it is EXTREMELY important to have a long and hard to guess password for your control panel, email addresses and any scripts you use on your site.

Not only should this apply to your logins at 3001 web but you should apply the following principals to any web password where sensitive data is stored for example Paypal accounts etc.

Why you need a really good password.

In a word “hackers”. It is a sad fact of internet life that some people we refer to generally as hackers love to try to access password protected areas on any site. Some hackers just do it for the challenge, some of them do it to upload spamming scripts to your web hosting space and the worst kind does it to gain access and destroy a site or an entire server. You must remember that it is not just your site that resides on our cloud there are many other businesses there too, therefore we have a common responsibility to each other to make sure ALL our passwords are strong.

How hackers try to guess your passwords

They don’t! They have programs that do it for them called password bombers. What these programs do is send hundreds of combinations of common usernames and passwords at either your program login pages or worse your hosting control panel. If the bomber gets access to the site via any login to admin areas it will immediately inform the hacker it has gained access and heaven help your site then.

Of course, we do have security in place on the server to protect your main hosting control panel, after three failed log in attempts your whole IP address will be banned from accessing the server for an hour. This is generally enough to put most hackers off when they get locked out but some will try repeatedly so best to have a great password just in case.

So what makes a good password?

Many people believe that a long password is a good one, not always. Your password should NOT be made up of words you would find in a dictionary or names and it should contain ALL the following:

  2. lower case letters
  3. Num83rs
  4. Special characters that are not numbers or letters.

It should also ideally be at least 9 characters long using the above rules.

Here is an example of a great password


Now you are probably thinking “How the hell do I remember that?”  Simple that password has a formula, really the only thing you need to remember is that the password starts with an asterisk and finishes with an exclamation mark as for the rest of it EASY… when you know how.

fs = Your name Fred Smith ( your first initial in lower case and your Surname initial in caps.)

1955 = your birth year

jS = You got it your partners name, Jenny Smith. Again first name initial small letters surname initial in CAPS

1956=, Of course, its your partners birth year

All of a sudden that password doesn’t look so complicated does it?


Further to the above here are some very bad passwords that would be worked out in no time by a password bomber





Check your passwords now for free

Below is a fun little tool for checking the strength of the passwords you use. It will tell you how long it would take a computer to crack your password. Aim for at least 200 years hehe.

Check The Strength Of Your Passwords Click Here Link opens in a new window.



The best policy of all is to have different oober complex passwords for different sites. NO WAY you shout I would never remember them, the good news is you don’t have to read our article on Roboform for a great way to protect and remember all your passwords.

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