Yes we do.

Custom programming, whether it be a completely new script OR a modification to an existing program is done on a job to job basis.

We do recommend you get your custom work done via 3001 web for the following reasons:

  1. We have a good stable of reliable professional programmers we work with. They are fast efficient and can be trusted to have access to your site. If you go looking for a programmer yourself, you don’t know who they are, whether they are good at what they do, whether they will continue to support their work should something go wrong, basically, you would be giving a complete stranger complete access to your site.
  2. We offer our programmers regular work all year long, therefore, they tend to discount their hourly rates for us to stay in our “good books”. While you may pay a programmer £50 an hour we can possibly get the same work done for you for £40 an hour.

If you require custom programming work please submit a ticket to us and let us know in FULL detail the work you would like done. We will then get quotes for you from our programmers. If you accept the quote you will be expected to pay 50% of the programming fees up front and the remaining 50% when the work is complete.

Please note that you MUST be fully detailed in your request. The programmers will quote on the work you asked for. If you start changing your mind or adding extra bits after the job has started they WILL charge you extra for additional requests.

We will never start work until you accept a quote.

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