Pay per click advertising can be a great way to bring visitors to a new site and should be a part of any sites ongoing advertising. However, proceed with care! Not all PPC advertising is good advertising.

What is Pay Per Click Advertising??
Very simply it is a form of search engine advertising where you bid for your position in the search results. First, you would open a pay per click advertising account with a PPC search engine and fund it. Let’s say for the sake of argument you deposit $10.

You then decide what keywords or phrases you wish to bid on. For example, if you own a dating site you might bid on words or phrases like dating, online dating, matchmaking.

You add your URL, your link title and your description then place your bid per click. Let’s take just one of those keywords “dating” here’s how it works. If the top bid for dating is 10c per click and you bid 9c per click then whenever a surfer searches for “Dating” your site ill appear at number 2 in the search results.

If the surfer clicks your link then 9c is deducted from your $10 balance. This is an excellent form of advertising as you can control how much you spend, what keywords you bid on to make sure the visitor is interested in your product or service, and how much you pay for each visitor.

So What Do You Need To Be Careful Of?

There are a few things you need to consider with PPC advertising:

1. Click Fraud

Horrible as this is it DOES happen. Click fraud is where a competitor will find your ad and click it repeatedly to use up your balance and move their own ad up the search results. Good PPC search engines have click fraud detection make sure they do before considering spending money with them.

2. Levels of traffic

Obviously, while the bigger PPC search engines will have higher bids on keywords they are often the best choice. What is the point in funding an account with $10 which will take 2 years to bring you enough visitors to use up your balance?? That is dead money. There are literally hundreds of PPC search engines try and find out if the site you list with is heavily used. Search for user reviews for that site in Google or any other search engine.

Just like directories, you will find there are niche specific PPC search engines these can often produce the best results. In the case of a dating site, do a search for “Dating Pay Per Click Search Engines”

Below are some recommended PPC services to get you started.

Google Ad Words

While more expensive Google Ad Words can bring great results. Not only will your site appear on Google on the right-hand side sponsored ads, but on literally thousands of other websites.

You can choose your own daily budget for advertising with them and choose which types of sites to advertise on. For more info on Google Ad Words Click Here

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