This is the email client from windows which replaced Outlook Express. Unfortunately, unlike outlook express, there is no auto setup option in Cpanel to set up your email accounts, therefore below is a step by step on how to do this.

1. Open Windows Mail

2. Go to Tools > Accounts

3. When you see the new window click the “Add” button

4. Select email account and click “next”

5. You will now be asked for “Display name” This is just for your reference so you know which email account this is eg “Web Site Mail” Click Next

6. Enter the actual email address you are setting up EG Click Next.

7. Make sure the email type box is set to IMAP  then enter your incoming and outgoing mail server settings these are both:

UK Sites

US Sites

make sure the box that says “Outgoing server requires authentication” is ticked/checked. Click Next

8. Enter the username for this email account. IMPORTANT!!! This is the FULL email address. So your username would be not just “support”.  Now enter the password for the email account in the second box and click next.

9. Click Finish

Setup is done you should now be able to send and receive the email from your account.

This is just a guide added as a courtesy. We can not support other companies products. If the above does not work then please check your settings within the email software you are using. The correct server settings can be found here remember you can also use our webmail systems.

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