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Stored entries in Ninja Forms

Here is a quick video to show you where to find stored entries for your Ninja forms.

Remember you can make this video full screen by clicking this icon in the player fullscreen

Text version

You can navigate to your form entries as follows in your site admin area.

    1. Log into your admin area
    2. In the left menu look for “Ninja forms and mouse over it.”
    3. Select “submissions” from the pop out menu
    4. You will now see a screen that will either have submissions from one of your forms or it may be blank
    5. At the top left of this page, you will see a filter section option
    6. Use the “Select a form” drop down to select the form you wish to see entries for
    7. When you see the list of entries you can mouse over any entry to see your options

That’s it!

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