Updating WordPress plugins is a very simple process.

FIRST BACKUP YOUR SITE!!!  Iif you do not you risk losing everything. Help on backing up your site can be found here.

When you log in to your WordPress (website) admin area you may see a small red circle with a number inside it right next to the word “plugins” in the left navigation. This is an indication that you have plugins that need updating.

After backing up your site you can perform your updates as follows:

  1. In the left navigation click the word “Plugins”
  2. You will now see a list of ALL the plugins on your site.
  3. You will also see a text link called “Update Available” click that and you will be shown only the plugins that require updating.
  4. Click the “update now” link next to the first plugin in the list then wait until you see the confirmation message that the plugin has been updated.

Now check your site especially for the functionality the plugin you just updated provides.

Now repeat steps 1-4 until all outdated plugins are updated.

NOTE: While it IS possible to update the outdated plugins all at once we recommend you do not, and that you do them one at a time checking your site after each update. The reason for this is that like all people programmers can make mistakes if you check after each update and your site is showing errors you know EXACTLY which plugin caused the errors which will make it much quicker for us to fix your site.

That’s it! Once there are no plugins left in the update list you are done.

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