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A Full Range Of Services To Help You Run Your Site

3001 Web is MUCH more than just a web host. We offer a full range of services to help website owners run their business.

Our aim is to provide you with as many services as we can all under one roof saving you valuable time and money.

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Business Services
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Custom built, fully responsive, stunning, fast loading websites for businesses and organisations. We DO NOT use templates we build your site uniquely for YOUR business.

Information websites from £349  E-commerce sites from £599.

wordpress managed hosting

Lightning fast hosting especially configured for WordPress sites. Optimisation of your site for speed and ALL WordPress theme, plugin and core updates done for you on a continuing basis.

super fast hosting

Our lightning fast web hosting accounts will satisfy the need for speed. Reliable cloud web hosting on our top of the range servers. 99.99% uptime.

The best for your website at a price you can afford.

WordPress Speed Optimisation Service

We will optimise your WordPress website for you so that you have the best page load speeds possible

This service is free to our hosting customers or £29 for websites not hosted with us.


SSL certificates provide complete protection when processing payments or collecting sensitive information like addresses and phone numbers on your site.  They also increase customer confidence in your site. We provide site specific SSL certification FREE with all our hosting accounts.

What SSL does is completely secure and encrypt communication between your customers computer and any payment gateway or your site when dealing with sensitive information...

Banner Design Service

Eventually most websites will need an advertising banner designing.

Banners can be used on your own site to promote a special offer or event. They can also be used as part of your website promotion to advertise your business on other websites.

Our banner design service offers ......


Unlike other web hosts 3001 Web hosting and design offers a site editing service.

Perhaps you want one or more pages adding to your site or existing pages editing but do not want to make the edits yourself. Maybe you want your site header editing, a new feature adding to your site or some other more complex change making....

Website Transfer Service

One of the biggest things that prevents most webmasters from seeking a better web host is the thought of having to move their entire site to a new web server. Perhaps this worries you or you do not think you have the experience to move your site or you are worried something may go wrong during the transfer.


Script Installation Service

Have you purchased a script or program for your website but aren’t sure how to install it?

3001 web offers an affordable script installation service. We will set up any required databases then install your script for you as per the script writers instructions. We are nearly always cheaper for installations than the script writers themselves.....

WordPress Update Service

Any website owner who runs WordPress knows that updates to plugins, themes and WordPress itself are a regular occurrence. Not performing these upgrades in a timely manner can leave you with a broken or insecure website.

On the other hand performing an upgrade of WordPress itself before all your plug ins are updated to work with the new version can also leave you with a broken site....


There are times when you may want a feature or a plugin adding to your site to provide some kind of extra functionality. On rare occasions there may not be a plug in available that does exactly what you require and you may need some custom programming.

3001 web will help you customise your sites functionality. We have access to several qualified php programmers who can complete the changes you require....

webmaster software

As well as our other services we offer a small selection of webmaster software. Little inexpensive programs that you run on your pc to save you time. 

All the programs are used by us in the office and come highly recommended. We sell the programs from one of our sister sites 2001 downloads.

To take a look at what is on offer click the button below to see our selection of webmaster software. (link opens in new window)


At 3001 web we keep daily backups for all our clients hosting accounts. This will of course include backups of your databases.

However having a full copy of all your sites files and folders is also a must. Yes you can keep a copy on your PC but what if it ever crashes or your hard drive fails??

What about all the other files on your PC your photos, music and so on....

WordPress Update Service

As you already know 3001 web specialise in building WordPress websites so over the year we have become more than familiar with many WordPress plugins.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of plugins available to enhance your site. Some free, some premium, some good others not so good. We regularly guide our clients free of charge in what plugins to use to achieve functionality....

Spam Solution

Obviously you already know that spam can be a pain in the neck when running an online business.  We offer full solutions to help you minimise the impact of spam on your working day....

We Care About Your Data

Privacy, DPA And GDPR

To contact our Data Protection Officer please put in a support ticket here. Be sure to select the data protection department on the form on the next page.

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