Spam Policy

We have ZERO tolerance for spam of ANY KIND!

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Spam Policy

Our spam policy is very simple:

We DO NOT Tolerate It AT ALL!!!

This spam policy applies to both clients of 3001Web and the general public.

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3001Web has a strict anti-spam policy. If we receive spam complaints about any site hosted on our cloud from an official spam organisation such as but not limited to:

Spam Cop
First Alert

that hosting account will immediately have all its email facilities suspended pending a review.

Should we discover illegal bulk mailing scripts/software on your account, your account will be terminated without refund and we will inform the following bodies of your actions:

The payment gateway you used to pay for your hosting account.
Your internet service provider
Any local law enforcement agencies we can find based on your IP address used to open the account
Local data protection agencies to your location.

Hacker Spamming

We realise that on rare occasions some clients may use insecure PHP scripts which can get attacked by hackers who upload spamming routines. In such cases, after disabling the sites outgoing email, the client will then be asked to do the following:

Remove or update the vulnerable PHP script from the 3001Web servers.


Locate the hackers spamming script and remove it. Then get the script patched to avoid further abuse.

If required, 3001Web staff may assist in this task subject to our usual rates.

The best advice we can give is to check the security status of any script/software before installing it to your site.

Spam Complaints From The Public

If you believe one of our clients has sent you spam please contact us giving us as much detail as possible and we will look into it.

Newsletter Programs / Mailing Lists

Without exception, all programs that run your mailing lists or newsletters MUST be double opt-in. By that we mean a subscriber MUST NOT be added to any mailing list unless they were first sent a confirmation email to their email address, which requires an act of confirmation to finalize their adding to the list. This is to conform with international anti-spam laws, the GDPR, the DPA and many other international data protection regulations.

Subscribers MUST be offered an automated unsubscribe link in every issue of your newsletter so that they can immediately remove themselves from your list. Where possible the mailing software you use should record the IP address the user signed up from to protect you against spam complaints.

We do not allow the hosting of bulk mailing scripts on our servers.

If you wish to run a newsletter or commercial mailing list you will need to use an external mailing provider. 

Privacy, DPA And GDPR

To contact our Data Protection Officer please put in a support ticket here. Be sure to select the data protection department after you log in.

We Care About Your Data

We are registered with the ICO
Registration number: ZA316914

Secure Site

ALL pages on 3001 web are encrypted to protect your privacy. Our site is secured by Let's Encrypt 256 bit encryption.

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