So You Want To Speed Up Your Website?
Making YOUR Site Blazing Fast

The fact that you have landed on this page probably means we have contacted you about a speed test you ran on your website.

We have a very special offer for you to fix up your website.

How YOU Can Have A Fast Site ⇓

super fast hosting

The Short Version.

  1. We will transfer your site to our specially optimised WordPress servers. We have servers based in UK and the US you choose which country you want your site hosted in.
  2. We will run a thorough speed report on your site.
  3. Based on that report we will optimise your site for maximum speed. Including premium plugins installed free of charge.
  4. You get QUALITY, FAST web hosting for your site.

What It Will Cost?

Option 1
If you are happy running WordPress updates yourself £9.99 a month ($14)

Option 2

We do UNLIMITED theme updates, WordPress updates and plugin updates for you as they become available. £15.99 a month ($23)

What Else Will You Get ?
First class support from WordPress experts
A full range of extra services from graphic design to SSL installs.

The Detailed Version

Thanks for taking the time to follow up with us we are confident it will be the best website decision you have taken for a while.

So you want a lightning fast WordPress site?

We can certainly help you achieve that, it is what we do best.


Achieving speed for WordPress is a two step process.

1. Hosting Quality (The Important Part)
NOT all web hosting is the same. If you were buying a car and wanted the speed of a Ferrari you wouldn't buy a Ford would you?

The good news is with our highly optimized web hosting you do not need to pay thousands extra to get blazing fast speeds.

2. The configuration of the WordPress site.
This takes experience and a bit of WordPress tweaking in the admin area, we do it daily and we know our stuff ;+)


Why You Need To Do It

The sad fact is most online businesses are losing a lot of customers and sales because their site is simply too slow.


What qualifies as too slow? This may surprise you.

FACT!!!! 47% of your customers will expect a page to load in under two seconds. A further 40% of your customers will leave your website if it takes more than three seconds to load.

Don't take our word for this search google for details (opens in new window)

That actually makes cheap hosting VERY expensive in the long run when you consider hundreds or even thousands of lost sales. 

Why 3001 Web?

Our servers are specially optimised just for WordPress. We KNOW WordPress WELL!

We have servers in the UK and the US. We also install and configure a carefully selected range of premium plugins to further speed up your site. These plugins normally carry a yearly fee from the people who make them. We pay for a developer license for them so that you get them free as long as you host with us.

Something Most Hosts DO NOT Offer

FULLY managed, lightning fast hosting for WordPress websites. When we say managed we MEAN managed, we do all WordPress updates for you including WordPress updates, plugin updates and theme updates when ever they are released. You will never have to worry about updates again.

But Moving Your Site Is A Hassle Right?

If you really want to consider a new host to take your site to the next level here is our offer to you :

1. We will transfer your site to our servers free of charge. UK or US hosting you choose.

2. We will perform a free speed analysis on your site once it is moved.

3. We will optimise your site for you FREE of charge.

How Much Is This Super Fast Hosting?

The hosting prices are follows. We know we are not the cheapest for hosting that is because we provide quality and fast hosting not cheap overcrowded servers.

Keep those lost sales in mind, do your own math at just one lost customer a day x 365 sales how much did you lose in that year? We would like to bet it is NOWHERE NEAR the difference between your current hosting and ours.


Basic WordPress Enhanced Hosting 

This Does not include all regular WordPress updates you will still need to do those yourself, but it WILL still include the speed tests and enhancements.

From £9.99 a month (Approx $14) Full Details


Managed WordPress Hosting

Including unlimited WordPress core, theme and plugin updates done for you as long as you are hosting with us. Plus hourly rather than daily backups of your site so that it is always safe.

From £15.99 a month. (Approx $23) Full Details


Compare that with other managed providers charging £20 ($30) plus per month without even doing your updates for you.

We also offer MANY other services to our hosting clients. Please feel free to browse our site and look at services.

We look forward to taking care of your website.

The 3001 Web Team

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