SSL Site Security With NO Fees
Making your site secure!

Security is becoming more and more important for internet users.

3001 web uses state of the art security on our servers but what about your site?

To really protect your clients data details your site will need an SSL certificate.

We offer site specific FREE SSL with ALL our hosting packages.

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SSL certificates provide complete protection when processing payments or collecting sensitive information like addresses and phone numbers on your site.

What SSL does is completely secure and encrypt communication between your customers computer and any payment gateway or your site when dealing with sensitive information.

Benefits to your customer
An extra level of security and protection when entering sensitive information like their address and credit card details.

Benefits to you
An SSL enabled checkout or customer area adds credibility to your site showing you care about the security of sensitive information. Many web shoppers will not buy from a site that does not offer secure connections at checkout.

Search Engine Placement
For a few years now Google has been using SSL as part of their algorithm to decide how they order their results. In short a site with SSL will do slightly better than one without.

The Cost
How does FREE sound? Yes you read that correctly. We offer completely free SSL certificates on an ongoing basis as long as your site is hosted with us.

How it works

If you have just opened your web hosting account then you will have SSL as standard. You will just need to activate it in WordPress or whatever programme runs your site.

Privacy, DPA And GDPR

To contact our Data Protection Officer please put in a support ticket here. Be sure to select the data protection department after you log in.

We Care About Your Data

We are registered with the ICO
Registration number: ZA316914

Secure Site

ALL pages on 3001 web are encrypted to protect your privacy. Our site is secured by Let's Encrypt 256 bit encryption.

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