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The Work Related Boring Bits

Yes we know more boring stuff, but these terms cover the support we provide for you so you need to read them. These are part of our terms of business which you legally agree to abide by when you sign up for any of our services.

You need to be aware of these so that you know how our support works.

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support terms

These are general points about the 3001Web support service to clarify what is included in your hosting and what isn’t. Please make yourself aware of everything on this page.

What is included in my hosting fees?

Your hosting fees are for the provision of and maintenance of active web hosting on the 3001Web servers. Hosting fees include repairs to any server-related function which may not be available or become faulty and as such affect your sites day to day operation.

With all hosting accounts, we will on request provide Cpanel or Plesk access to your account to generally administer your site, and provide a knowledge base to give you help with some of the functions of the control panels.

What is not included in my hosting fees?

Put very simply any task you ask us to complete for you that is not direct maintenance to the 3001Web servers and any task you could have done yourself.

Including but not limited to:

Replacing any out of date/end of life WordPress Plugins, Installation of new WordPress plugins, fixing any page or programme broken due to editing by the client or any other third party, cleaning of any site that has been hacked, changing passwords in Cpanel or Plesk, setting up or editing email addresses, site edits, sourcing of new plugins, software or images, troubleshooting connections to our mail server from third-party email software or mobile devices.

Unlike many hosts, we offer quality speedy, and effective support in many areas. We will do our utmost at all times to solve any issues or requests you send us relating to your site, however, this is NOT a responsibility we have to you it is an extra service.

If we can’t solve your issue then most times we will find you someone who can. Be aware however our only responsibility to you is to provide you with active web hosting space. Any other service is an additional service and is offered ONLY when the time commitments of our staff will allow.

You also need to understand that we do NOT offer additional support services free of charge. If our staff have to work on any part of your site whether that be something as simple as setting up an email account or a complex install of a script or programme, you WILL be billed for any time our staff give to your online business.

A specific note on help with configuring mobile devices or third-party email software to connect to our email servers. All the details you need to connect to your email accounts are provided free of charge, if you want us to troubleshoot or support third-party email programmes or mobile devices that time will be charged at our usual rates. 99.99% of the time a client has issues connecting to email the issue is with incorrect settings in an email programme or the users' device and not our servers. We encourage you first to seek support from the company that provides your email software or mobile device. It is really their job to support their own products. Of course, if the issue is an error with the email server that will be rectified free of charge.

To be clear we can try to help you with issues like this but the time will be charged.

To give the best value possible we offer a per-minute billing system for additional support and site editing services so that you only pay for the exact amount of time our staff work on your site/issue our minimum charge is just 10 minutes, not one hour.

The current rates are listed in the billing section of our knowledge base.

How 3001Web support works

If you have an issue or task you need help with you can submit a support ticket for help from our team. In cases where we may need to talk to you or you would like to talk to us, telephone, live chat on our site or SKYPE are available. Please note however that all regular support regarding your site or hosting account must be submitted by support ticket.

We will then look at your issue/task and offer one of the following resolutions:

  1. We will tell you how to fix the issue for yourself or point you to our knowledge base for the help you need.
  2. We will direct you to another website that can answer your question or offer services to deal with your issue.
  3. We will fix/correct/resolve the issue for you.

For numbers 1 and 2 there is no charge, we like to help our clients learn as much as possible when it comes to running a website, this is much more beneficial for the client long-term and frees up the time of our support staff for issues that can not be corrected by clients through lack of knowledge or experience.

Any work we do for you on your site will be billed at our current per minute rate. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Editing of HTML or PHP pages
  2. Installation, upgrade or replacement of scripts/plugins/add-ons and programmes.
  3. General Cpanel administrative tasks such as setting up email addresses, redirections or any other Cpanel function that could have been performed by the client.
  4. Modifications applied to third-party scripts or programmes.
  5. Banner and graphic design and theming work.
  6. RE-editing or re-applying any previous work completed by us that has been undone by the client, their employees or any third party for any reason.
  7. Help with configuring mobile devices or third-party software to connect to our email servers. All the details you need to connect to your email accounts are provided free of charge, if you want us to troubleshoot or support third-party email programmes or mobile devices that time will be charged at our usual rates.

You will ALWAYS be informed that you will be charged for any billable work before the work begins.

Important Things To Note

3001Web is primarily a web hosting company we are not webmasters. Any work we may carry out on your site is on a job to job basis as an additional service when the time of our staff allows. Once the work is completed to your satisfaction and you have paid the bill, further work on your site is classed as a new job.

What Happens If 3001Web cannot help me with an issue or editing requirement?

Should the situation arise that we are unable to perform edits for you we have made provisions in the knowledge base for you to find other professionals to help you with your site.

You should also make yourself aware of our full terms of service. By entering into any hosting agreement with 3001Web you are agreeing to our terms of service.

3001Web reserves the right to change these support terms of service at any time. You will be notified by email of any changes.

Privacy, DPA And GDPR

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