Hi Everyone,

We are in the middle of the UK server migrations so today there may be glips on your site. We are working on them as fast as we can. The more time we spend answering tickets the less time we are spending sorting out the issues.

If you are having difficulty with email please read the newsletter we sent yesterday. A lot of you are still not reading the newsletters they often contain important information on server changes, please do not shout at us if you did not read them.

If you can not get devices or email clients to connect for today please use webmail which you can find at


We will help you troubleshoot your mail clients and devices once we get the server settled.

We will keep you posted on our progress.

We have done most of the work overnight unfortunately we then had to wait for the new server IP's to propagate which we can not control. There is NO good time for a transfer like this so we are just getting it done as quick as we can.

We may be slow in answering tickets as we are very busy ironing out bugs with the new operating system.

Normal service will be resumed by the end of the day please be patient with us.

SItes With Errors that we know about and are working on

Monday, August 19, 2019

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