What is a domain name?

Without getting too technical, just like your house websites have an address so that people can find them.

Their actual address is a numerical number like 89.57.451.498 but people are hardly likely to remember that now are they?

So websites need a domain name to point to their numerical address.

A domain name is simply the www.SOMESITE.com a site is known as.

Domain names are rented yearly from domain registrars. At 3001 web we offer discounted domain names via our registrar. You can order your domains from us at a lower price than on a lot of the leading domain sellers like GoDaddy

Our domains start at just £9.99 per year. Unlike other registrars, we do not waste your time trying to sell you a thousand bells and whistles you do not need.

To order a domain name for your site Click Here

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