It is important that no matter what kind of site you are running that you keep regular and multiple backups of your site.

As a responsible host, 3001 web does run backups for disaster recovery purposes but these may not be as frequent as your business may require. We do have options for extra backups should you need them.  As well as any remote backups that are done automatically by us you should also have a copy of your site on your PC you can take and download a backup from your hosting control panel. Though this way is a little long-winded.

We highly recommend using the plugin All In One WordPress Migration for backups. While you do need to trigger this manually it creates a single file that is a backup of your entire site and database. You can keep a backup in your hosting account and easily download a copy to your computer. Please open a support ticket if you would like is to install this for you.

While our data centres are state of the art and top-spec what happens if your site gets hacked? Data can be destroyed, all servers use hardware it can fail and data can be lost. These things while they may be unlikely are possible. Like every other part of your business, you should have a plan in place for data loss or damage.

Another reason to take regular backups is updating the programmes and plugins that run your site to the latest version. While 99.9% of the time the companies that run WordPress and the various shopping carts get it right, on a rare occasion they could release an update that has issues. If you have no copy of your site you have nothing to roll back to.

For a few minutes, it takes this is a habit you really should develop at least once a week. It can save you hours of work and lots of income should anything ever go wrong with your site.

There is a video and written tutorial here on how to take a full backup of your site and its databases using Cpanel in this knowledgebase.

If you are using the plugin All In One WordPress Migration simply log into your WordPress admin area, select export to file under the plugin on the left and create a new backup. Once it is done download the file to your computer. Remember it is against our terms of service to store backups on our main webservers.

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