When do I pay for script installations or editing work on my site? Print

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When you request editing work from 3001Web we will normally provide you with an approximate quote to give you an idea of the costs involved.

Unlike other companies, we do not drag our feet where editing is concerned, our attitude is simple. The more work we get done in a day the more clients we keep happy. Our staff are professional, knowledgeable and speedy in their work.

Unless you are buying a fixed price service, billing is done by the minute with a 10-minute minimum charge providing that your site is hosted with us or in 30-minute increments if your site is hosted by a different company.

You will be billed once we have completed the work.

As with all our invoices you have 7 days from the day of the invoice to pay your bill.

Any invoices not paid within 7 days will result in our billing system automatically suspending your site. Your hosting account will not be reactivated under any circumstances until the outstanding invoice has been paid.

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