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This is fairly simple.

Clients Who Have Web Hosting With 3001Web

ALL invoices issued by 3001Web to their clients for hosting or site editing services MUST be paid within 7 days.

In the case of custom programming, the client will be expected to pay in advance of the work. This is non-negotiable.

Any invoice that is not paid within 7 days will result in our billing program automatically suspending your web hosting account. Your account will be re-activated as soon as the outstanding invoice is paid.

Without exception, no hosting account suspended for late payment will be re-enabled until all outstanding invoices including any late fees have been paid.

If an invoice goes unpaid for a total of 30 days your account will be closed and your site and all its data deleted. We do help you by sending regular reminders.

In the case of script or software purchase, products will not be delivered until full payment has been made.

Clients Who Do Not Have Web Hosting With 3001Web

Clients who do not have web hosting accounts with 3001Web will be expected to pay all invoices in advance before any work is undertaken or the product is delivered.

You can get a more in-depth explanation on our Billing Terms Of Service page.

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