Web Design Terms Of Service
The Work Related Boring Bits

Yes, we know more boring stuff, but these terms cover the web design process we provide for you so you need to read them. These are part of our terms of business which you legally agree to when you order a website from us.

You need to be aware of these so that you know how the design process works.

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These are general terms clarifying 3001Webs' website design service to demonstrate what you can expect from us and what we in return expect from you.

1. The plan.

Before any work starts with designing any website we will first talk to you to find out what you require.  We will ask questions like : How many pages do you need? What functionality do you want the site to have? What is the main aim of the site? Who will provide the text and content for the pages? And other pertinent information. We will build a clear picture of what you want/need from your website.

2. The quote

Based on our conversations we will provide you with a VERY detailed quote outlining the work we will do for you and the cost of that work. Please be aware that anything you ask us to add or do that is not listed on the original quote will incur additional charges and be invoiced separately at the end of the site build. We will, of course, verify any such items with you.

Think of it like a trip to the garage, if you take your car to have new brakes fitted you are given a price and that is what you are billed. If you ask the mechanic to also change the oil when he is halfway through fixing the brakes he is going to charge you extra for that.

3. Payment

Once you have accepted our quote we will invoice you for the total amount, this needs to be paid before our team start working on your site usually around 50% of the total cost. This is not refundable under any circumstances. Remember you are paying for our teams time, not physical products.

We will then complete all the tasks as laid out in the quote as quickly as we can.  Any invoice for extra work requested by you or your employees that is not included in our initial quote must be paid before your site will be made live to the public.

4. Web Hosting

In order for us to build your site, you need first to have an active web hosting account, why? We need somewhere to build your site. As soon as we create a hosting account for you on our servers it starts using resources that we need to pay the data centres for so, unfortunately, we can not provide this free of charge.

This will be billed separately and will be due immediately.

5. Domain Name

In order for us to create your web hosting account obviously, you will need a domain name. A domain name is the yoursite.com name that points to your site. If you have this registered already somewhere else that is fine we will help you point your domain name to our web servers. If you do not have a domain name yet we can register one for you. They are not expensive between £9.99 and £15.99 per year depending on whether you choose .co.uk, .com or some other TLD.

This will be billed separately and not within your quote for web design.

6. Communication

ALL communication when building your site will be done by support ticket, this is a fancy name for an internal message system, which is similar to sending emails but just not from an email address.

You can open as many support tickets as you like but please keep it to ONE ticket per question or task, in other words, if you want changes making to three pages you would open a ticket for each page. This, in our experience, is the FASTEST way to get things done. You submit a ticket, we deal with it then we close it and we can all clearly see which tasks have been completed and which still need addressing.

7. Communication Speed

We would ask that when we start building your site you check your email address for ticket notifications regularly. We have been known to build websites in two to three days with clients who communicate with us quickly, effectively and clearly.

Conversely, we have had sites that have taken WEEKS to build because we wait and wait for replies from the client when we have a question or need information only the client can provide.

We never take on more than 2 web design projects at any one time, however, we will not be able to reserve that time for you if your site build goes beyond 14 days due to lack of communication on your part. If this happens and we take on new jobs those jobs WILL be given priority. We will of course finish any tasks on your site but it may take a little longer.

We get paid for our time, we only have so much of that each week and we have to make sure we use it wisely.

8. Deadlines

Unless otherwise stipulated in our quote you can expect your site to be ready within a maximum of 14 days, we regularly complete much sooner 14 days is a worst-case scenario. We have been known to complete simple sites in just 24 hours.

Once all the work included in your quote is complete, and we have completed any small revisions you request we will consider the project to be delivered and that job to be complete. At this point, any further work or tasks will be billed separately on a job by job basis.

If we reach a point where a lack of replies to our requests takes the total build time over 14 days from the day we started, we will take new jobs on which may slow down requests to finish your tasks.

9. Content

Content for all web pages will be provided to us by the client unless copywriting is included specifically in our quote. Any logos or images provided to us by the client MUST be approved for the clients use. In other words, you MUST have licensing or the copyright owners permission to use ANY image on the pages of your site.

All the images that we provide will be fully legal and licensed.

Should you wish to include text on your site from another website, even your product or service providers website you  MUST have permission to use that text.

10. Premium Plugins

When we build your site we will be using some premium plugins that we have purchased unlimited licenses for, including but not limited to; Beaver Builder, Beaver Themer, WP Astra Framework, Perf matters, WP Rocket, Beaver theme framework and others. These are provided to you free of charge under our license for as long as your site is hosted with us. Should you move to a different host in the future you are free to continue using these plugins/themes, however, you will have to purchase licenses from the plugin authors to continue to receive updates. In the case of WP rocket that will only be provided if we build your site, we are not at liberty to offer this to hosting only clients.

11. GDPR

Your site will be built with data protection in mind. We will include a basic privacy policy and functionality to facilitate data information requests. Other than this we will NOT be responsible for your approach to data protection. We are not solicitors you should always have your privacy policies and terms of service checked by a legal professional. All businesses online need to be aware of GDPR you can get more information here ico.org.uk


3001Web reserves the right to change these web design terms of service at any time. You will be notified by email of any changes.

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